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Sacred Scripture, Sacred War

How scripture fueled the Revolution, from inspiring colonists to fight to lending divine providence to the cause.

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Despite the separation of church and state that is a hallmark of American politics, the Bible played a key role in shaping the Revolution. In Sacred Scripture, Sacred War, James P. Byrd examines how American revolutionaries defended their patriotic convictions through scripture.

When war came, preachers and patriots alike turned to scripture not only for solace but for exhortations to fight. Indeed, they viewed God as an active player on the battlefield. Scripture also helped soldiers overcome their aversion to killing, conferred martyrdom on those who died, and lent divine providence to the American cause.

In showing how the Bible fueled the Revolution, Byrd adds a fresh new narrative to a story whose dimensions we thought we knew.

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  • Author: James P. Byrd
  • Publisher: Chanc. Master & Scholar Univ Of Oxf
  • Release date: Jun 4, 2013
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