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The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Emancipation

How America wrestled with the knotty problem of moving forward from the era of slavery into an age of emancipation.

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One of the foremost historians of our time, David Brion Davis offers original and penetrating insight into the end of slavery in Western culture.

Davis explores the impact of the Haitian revolution, and analyzes the misunderstood significance of “colonization”—the project to move freed slaves back to Africa. He vividly portrays the dehumanizing impact of slavery, as well as the importance of freed slaves to abolition. He explores the influence of religion on American ideas about emancipation. And he captures the ways in which America wrestled with the knotty problem of moving forward into the post-slavery era.

The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Emancipation is a landmark exploration of one of America’s seminal periods.

• The horrors of the Haitian Revolution
• Colonization—the project to move freed slaves back to Africa
• Frederick Douglass as a fugitive
• The Underground Railroad and runaway slaves
• American responses to British emancipation
• The importance of freed slaves to abolition

“Concluding his magisterial trilogy on slavery, David Brion Davis discovers, questions, and provokes, with the philosophical as well as historical acuity that has made him one of America’s few truly great historians.”
—Sean Wilentz, author of The Rise of American Democracy

“David Brion Davis has completed his distinguished trilogy on the problem of slavery in Western culture with a powerful and provocative analysis of the process of emancipation in societies as dissimilar as Haiti, the British West Indies, and the United States.  His chapters on colonization projects and on the Anglo-American antislavery movements are full of fresh insights and richly textured interpretations.”
—James M. McPherson, author of Battle Cry of Freedom

“No scholar has played a larger role in expanding contemporary understanding of how slavery shaped the history of the United States, the Americas and the world than David Brion Davis.”
—Ira Berlin, author of The Making of African America

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