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The Spymistress

Elizabeth Van Lew uses her unparalleled espionage skills to gather military intelligence against the Confederates.

In Jennifer Chiaverini's tale of historical high-stakes espionage, a heroine of the Civil War finally gets her due. Born to slave-holding aristocracy in Virginia, Elizabeth Van Lew was a paradox of her time. When her native state seceded in April 1861, Van Lew’s convictions compelled her to defy the new Confederate regime. Her courage would never waver, even as her wartime actions threatened her reputation and her life. Van Lew helped construct the Richmond Underground and orchestrated escapes from the infamous Confederate Libby Prison. Her spy ring’s reach was vast, from clerks in Navy Departments to the very home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and her skills in gathering military intelligence proved unparalleled.
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  • Author: Jennifer Chiaverini
  • Publisher: Dutton, Div Of Penguin Putnam
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  • Format: Hardcover
  • Commitment Credit: 1
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  • Warnings: No
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