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From Henry VIII’s cataclysmic break with Rome to the epic rule of Elizabeth I, the Tudor age comes to vivid life.

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Agents of England’s transformation over the course of 120 years, the Tudors were Europe’s most storied dynasty. Peter Ackroyd brings the age of the Tudors to vivid life, charting the course of English history from Henry VIII’s cataclysmic break with Rome to the epic rule of Elizabeth I.

Tudors is the story of Henry VIII’s pursuit of the perfect wife and the perfect heir; of how the brief reign of the teenage king, Edward VI, gave way to the violent reimposition of Catholicism and the brutal repressions of “Bloody Mary”; and of the long reign of Elizabeth I, which finally brought stability. Above all, it is the story of the English Reformation, the making of the Anglican Church—and the emergence of Britain as a great world power.

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  • Author: Peter Ackroyd
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  • Release date: Oct 15, 2013
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Another hit by ALLEN

December 17, 2014

This is a great read. Ackroyd's writing style is accessible. He goes into detail without getting bogged down and boring.

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